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A beautiful straightforward homebirth for Robyn with her firstborn baby!

A beautiful straightforward homebirth for Robyn with her firstborn baby!

Pure joy from Georgina who had a glorious HBAC after a bit of a battle to get the NHS support she so needed (with type 1 diabetes no less!)

Closing the Bones can be a very intimate affair or a chance to celebrate with friends

Closing the Bones can be a very intimate affair or a chance to celebrate with friends


My full Go with the Flow Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal Doula package includes my Go With The Flow Holistic Birth Preparation Study Day, Birth Pool Hire & more...

After an initial conversation via email or by phone, we can arrange a meeting face to face. Here you can ask me anything you want about me and my services and get a feel for whether you think we are a good fit. Once we've both signed our contract and you have paid your deposit, I will put your due month in my diary and won't take on any more clients during that time, to ensure I can guarantee being there for you.

To secure your on call period in my diary, I usually ask for 25% of the total as my booking fee upfront and you can spread the remaining sum in up to three installments before the birth and a final installment payable within 30 days of the birth.

I offer a generous 20% discount to parents receiving benefits and also for repeat clients ♥

So, you've booked me for your birth - what happens next?


You will have my 100% dedicated loving support from day one and can ask me random birthy questions or for signposting towards useful information anytime of the day or night until 8 weeks after the birth


We will spend time together doing my Go ♥ With ♥ The ♥ Flow Holistic Antenatal Preparation day (8hrs)....either in my yurt in central March, or if you prefer, in the comfort of your own home, covering my entire curriculum of antenatal preparation techniques and tips for breathing, active birth positions, mindful labour approach, knowing your rights, and other useful information. Lunch is provided by me, so that's one thing you don't have to worry about on the day and you can sit back, relax and enjoy yourself while you learn.


At any time from booking onwards, you will have full access to my personal lending library of 30+ books about pregnancy and birth as well as back issues of magazines like Juno or The Green Parent



A half-day deep relaxation pampering session incorporating some massage using lovely oils


Go With The Flow Birth Art Workshop for you and up to 5 friends - making a decoupage Birth Vision Board to display at your birth, work with labyrinths, make some birth beads or perhaps even do some belly henna


… Guaranteed on-call period from 38weeks til your baby is born – these dates are dedicated to you in my calendar so if you call me any time day or night I can come quickly. During this period I don’t drive more than an hour away from my home, do not drink any alcohol and I keep my phone glued to my side at all times! (If you give birth before 38weeks I will still endeavour to support you in labour, it might just take me a little longer to get to you)


…. Free Birth Pool use is included in this package and will be on loan to you (complete with all accessories) from just before you are 38 weeks pregnant until sometime soon after the birth.

DURING LABOUR…. will have my loving, continuous, practical, physical and emotional support alongside your partner (if you have one) and midwives during your labour. Helping and reminding of all the coping tools we've learnt and explored together antenatally and to help your birthplans to flow as smoothly as possible. I stay with you until after your baby is born, supporting you through your baby's first feed and first nappy and supporting and nurturing you in those precious first hours afterwards, leaving only when you are happy and settled.


I have taken photos for many couples at key moments in their labour, during childbirth and afterwards, - they've all been really delighted and moved by the moments captured. These sweet memories are now treasured and whilst I am not a birth photographer in the sense that I can print them for you, I do take a pretty good birth pic! Speak to me if you would like this option, for no extra cost.


….6 hrs postnatal care (usually in the first week/s after the birth) – offering you a chance for some respite, to talk over your birth experience, to help you establish good breastfeeding or hold the baby while you eat a hot meal or have a shower!


…. Closing The Bones session in the postpartum period incorporating a nourishing womb massage with a rose quartz palm stone and oils and drawing on the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from a variety of teachers and using rebozo scarves, guided by your own needs of course. This wonderful session lasts approx 2hrs and helps bring closure to body mind and soul so you can thrive in the postnatal period and carry the lessons and gifts from your birth forwards positively and joyfully. It is a celebration of your unique journey and has been very healing for the women who have enjoyed this with me so far. You can do this alone or if you prefer, you could host a little party for your friends to celebrate with you and they can be included in the ceremony.


Check out testimonials from Positive Birth Movement Founder Milli Hill, and others....


Why not buy a set of my Go With the Flow Pregnancy and Birth Mindfulness Book and Cards?

The ideas in this popular set are the foundation on which my course was built. I've sold hundreds of copies to mothers, doulas, midwives and antenatal teachers from all over the world. A good way to dip your toe in the Go With the Flow philosophy, gain confidence and feel more grounded, as you prepare to give birth. You can read more about them from midwives, antenatal teachers and mothers in my testimonials section.

Please get in touch if you'd like a set for £15 inc p&p

My Yurt set in peaceful gardens you are free to explore during regular short beauty breaks to stretch your legs!

My Yurt set in peaceful gardens you are free to explore during regular short beauty breaks to stretch your legs!

Every couple will learn whatever is most relevant to them

Every couple will learn whatever is most relevant to them


Go With The Flow Holistic Birth Preparation course


Feel more prepared and super chilled about your birth with plenty of practical info about how birth works best, how to ride the powerful waves of labour, explore your options and rights and soak up some doula recommendations to make your pregnancy, birth and early days of postpartum flow as smoothly as possible! We go on a deep dive together into your preferences and needs and I can help you put together an individualised birth plan that is 100% right for you.

Couples receive a copy of my Mindfulness Book & Cards set to take home and a digital copy of my entire curriculum upon completion.

Couples study day in my cosy yurt set in a magical setting within tranquil gardens. Lunch and refreshments included. Alternatively, I can come to you.

£250 per couple

Words are powerful!

Words are powerful!


Go With The Flow Birth Art Workshop

Hire me for your baby shower or mother blessing and we can have some creative fun for a half day, using a variety of mediums to create some memorable pieces of art for you to display wherever you give birth. Accessing a different part of our brain through art can unlock new dimensions in how you approach your birth, can be a great way to bond and weave threads of connection with your inner circle of women friends while having a gossip and a giggle, create memories for you all to treasure, and celebrate your mothering journey so far. I can tailor the session to include co-creating a vision board, making labyrinths to explore the landscape of birthing emotions and your unique journey, or perhaps do some henna on your belly. It's your day so I will bring a variety of materials along and we can all have a play and enjoy some art and hopefully learn something powerful along the way. 

For up to 10 people.

£120 - half day


If you are looking for loving and compassionate support in labour either at home* or at hospital on a last minute basis, this may be the option for you.

If I am on call for another client, or am on holiday or have plans already, I may not be available. There is absolutely no guarantee I can come out to you so you are taking a chance on the day!

During the birth I will help you to find comfortable positions, be a point of continuity, and offer reassurance, practical, emotional and physical support.

After your baby’s birth I will also come and do a follow up visit at a mutually convenient time to help you settle into your new role. This visit would typically last 3-4hrs.

£1200 (50% payable on booking and the other 50% payable within 28 days of the birth)

*For my own safe-guarding, I will only attend homebirths where a midwife is also in attendance, and would need to speak with the mother herself by videocall


There are a variety of ways I can help on your journey, whatever stage you are at.

I offer a free 20 minute call to anyone who wants to find out more about my doula offerings and ask any questions about preparing for your upcoming birth

Please email me to book a free mini-chat session

Or perhaps you need a longer session? In which case why not book me for a...


If you want to talk 1:1 to a doula about a previous birth experience that has left you with big questions or wasn't positive for you, let me help you explore ways to move on and feel at peace with what happened.

£60 for a 60 minute session via 1:1 videocall or by telephone if you prefer